January 10, 2014

Picture of the Week !!!

Oh ya, Friday !!!
For me it has been a crazy week at work so I am so looking forward to the
But, before we kick off the weekend, I want to share with you
my pictures of the week.
Since I do not have kids at home, I really thought this was going to be
a hard challenge for me to live up to.
I thought.... "I don't take that many pictures during the week."
Then I was looking for what I wanted to post and realized I had
not one but TWO pictures I wanted to share.
This first picture is my dog, Paris.
I can almost hear her saying
"Does this pose make my butt look FAT?"
LOL !!!
She is my heart !!!

Then my second picture is a new baby horse that was
born on Sunday morning.

Look at that little tail!!
We will be calling him "Daddy Pink"
For two reasons
1) He is a boy
2) The inside of his nose and mouth are the prettiest pink we have ever seen!!
Thanks for spending the week with me and don't forget
to check out my friend Susan's blog..
Where Life Meets Art

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