February 19, 2014

What's up Wednesday ???

Well, it is hump day and I have no idea where half the week has gone.
This is really a busy time at work so I haven't been in
the craft room much.
But, the week is still young and I will make it back there sooner or later.
In the mean time I will show you the desk I have been working on
If you missed the 1st post you can go back and see
it here.
This past weekend I decided to tackle the inside of the drawer
and the compartment under the mirror.
I went to Lowe's and found this pick/purple paint and thought it
would look great with the silver.
Oh, it looks really cute.... check it out !!!

Now, I need to start putting hardware back on and then
attach the mirror. My daughter is coming this weekend so I would really like to
have it finished before she gets here.
Keep your fingers crossed

Thanks for stopping by to see what's up with me this week.
I'm sure Susan has something to share so stop by and see her today.

Also, we still have our challenge going on this week.
You can find it here.
See ya Friday !!!


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