February 15, 2012

Hi Everyone... .
It's Bonus Week and I'm the first of many Design Team spotlights that will be happening  on Friendship's Garden. I want to start by telling you about what inspires and cause me to be so crafty.
This is what I get to see every morning.
Since paper crafting involves taking alot of pictures I can't think of a better way to tell you about me then in pictures.

This is my husband Tony.
Me at a fly-in in Wisconsin
Little Buddy and Tony

I live in Mobile, Alabama and me and my husband have been married for 25 years and  have two grown children. The only thing that keeps us at home is our animals.  The only reason we go to work is to fund our many obsessions, ( Hobbies..) I started with Scrapbooking about 20 yrs ago when my kids were little and I was a stay at home mom. But now if you stop by my blog I could be doing cards, pages, mixed media, DIY storage idea, refinishing furniture. Yep I like to do it all. Since our life is kind of quiet without the kids home my little dogs have to be my subject A LOT but they don't mind. I have even started scrapbooking for other people just to "Get my Fix"

So enough about me I want to share one of my favorite things to make with my Martha Stewart score board. Everybody knows it is used to score and make cards but have you ever made a paper rosette with it? Well, if not I'm going to walk you through it step by step.

Supply list:
1) Solid or Pattern paper cut at 3/4" or 1" strips. I like to use double sided paper. If you want to use a scalloped punch on the edges I suggest you do that before you cut the strip.
If you double the size of your strips that will be the size of your finished rosette.
2) Punched circles or punched flowers to glue your rosette to.
3) Martha Steward score board and bone folder.
4) Fast Drying glue- I use glossy accents

Step 1- Take your strips and score them every 1/4"

Step 2- Fold paper back and forth and then secure the end to each other with Glossy Accents.                        .

Step 3- Take your small punched circles and put a little puddle of glue.
Step 4- Now gather your crimped paper together really tight at the top and over the circle with the glue.

Step 5- Now the tricky part. While keeping the top together and getting the bottom to spread you push it down and stick it to the glue. Hold your finger on it for a few minutes to let the glue start drying.
Then get something to sit on top of your Rosette till it completely dries.
Now your ready to decorate it anyway you see fit.
Here are the ones I made and some I had in my stash.
I layered rosettes to make this card
The purple rosette has the flower behind it.
The yellow one I made and cut the edges with my scissors. Then I used two foil cupcake liners to make the middle and attached fuzzy balls.
Rosettes are so versatile you can use them anywhere.I like to make them ahead of time so that I will have them on hand just like any other embellishment.
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to join us next week for another great challenge and prizes.

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